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News North article on our Introduction to Competition course

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Yellowknifer: Teaching Table Tennis technology

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A lovely article in the Yellowknifer this week on our Introduction to Competition coaching course from October 17-18, 2020.

Updated information on the 2023 Canada Winter Games

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Please find below links to the following sport technical documents for the 2023 Canada Winter Games in PEI:

– 2023 CWG Age Categories

– 2023 CWG Eligibility Restrictions 

– 2023 CWG Overview Sport Schedule v1

– Updated 2023 CWG Team Sizes

All documents are posted on the Canada Games Council website at the following link: https://www.canadagames.ca/upcoming-games/pei-2023-canada-winter-games.

October 24-25 Training Camp cancelled

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This week’s training camp is cancelled due to low participation. The next event will be hosted on November 7th, 2020. It will be the Team NT qualification for the Canadian Championships as well as the Canadian National Team League.


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An Introduction to Competition coaching course facilitated in Ottawa and co-delivered in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. A pilot project that was a huge success.

“It is really satisfying and an honour to be part of this first blended learning Introduction to Competition Workshop Pilot. It was a tremendous learning curve that it is going help all of Learning Facilitators across country! Closely guided by their onsite Learning Facilitators Thorsten Gohl (BT) and Kevin Murphy (YT) our participants truly showed the power of the Women in Sport and how they intend to use our Table Tennis as a force for good in this complicated times that we are living in. The future is bright!” – Marles Martins, Technical Development Manager

Everything went as planned, covering the material for the base and advanced training modules, while asking questions, doing exercises and presenting structured practice plans. A total of 16 hours and over 1,000 pages to cover all the materials.

“Nice to step up to this level and learning more about Table Tennis and being surrounded by familiar faces from the North. It was beneficial for me and the others to be a player, now we can learn more about teacher. It was a lot of fun and enjoyed going into the depth of learning more about techniques.” – Gracie Brennan, trained Introduction to Competition coach

The set up in both Territories was simple with a computer screen or projector, connected to zoom and a Table Tennis table in the middle of it all. Working on hand outs, answering questions and of course teaching and learning in a practical manner on the table.

“It was a novel way to do a Table Tennis coaching program during a pandemic. The game adapts to the times and the technology and we have adapt as well in order to teach it to our coach candidates.” – Kevin Murphy, Headcoach Team Yukon

A huge thank you to Luba Sadovska and Zedplin Law, Table Tennis Canada’s Master Coach Developers, for following the course this weekend. All Coach Developers will meet next week to provide feedback and discuss the next steps in bringing all content alive through virtual workshops.

The next steps for the coaches will include participation in 4 multi sport courses through the National Coaches Certification Program, 3 more technical courses that will be delivered in virtual workshops, successfully finish the club umpire exam, hand in their portfolio and participate in an evaluation process that will showcase their skills in training and competition. Coach evaluators will help and support them in the next 6 month to reach the final goal in being certified as Introduction to Competition coaches.

We are looking forward to seeing these fine young women succeed and becoming future Arctic Winter Games and Canada Winter Games Coaches. Congratulations to everyone that contributed and participated in this weekends course.

Upcoming events

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October 24-25, 2020 – Training Camp
November 7, 2020Canadian National event qualifier
November 21-22, 2020 – Training Camp
December 5-6, 2020 – Training Camp
January 16-17, 2020 – Provincial Championships

All events will be hosted at the Snowshoe Centre in Fort Providence. 

Training camps – We will be hosting 3 training camps until the end of January with 4 Tables and a maximum of 8 players. There will be no fee for the camps and we have a discount for the hotel if you like to stay overnight. Saturday will be 10am-12pm, 1:30pm-3pm, 5-7pm and Sunday from 10am-12pm and 1-3pm. 

Territorial Championships – Crowning the Territorial Champion in the classes OPEN, Junior (Under 18), Cadet (Under 15) in both male and female categories. This will be a singles tournament only. A maximum of 32 players that will be split in different age categories of 8 per class and gender. 

Canadian National event qualifier – Table Tennis Canada will host an event to replace the Canadian Championships in December in Toronto. No matter if we participate as the Northwest Territories in this event or not, we will do this event and possible a regional event with the Yukon and/or Nunavut. This will be a singles event only and again a maximum of 32 players in the classes OPEN, Junior (Under 18), Cadet (Under 15) in both male and female categories. Everyone can participate in their age group and the OPEN if they like. 

Coach Development pilot with the NWT and Yukon

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An initiative by our Coach Developers, approved by both the Coaching Certification Committee and the Board of Directors, this will be a great pilot project to see how we can facilitate coaching workshops while being far away from each other in the time of COVID and after.  

With a country so vast like Canada, it makes sense to educate, evaluate and develop our coaches remotely. This is what the pilot project is all about, adjusting to the challenges we are facing of being far apart, the cost of hosting and taking part, and of course time to travel. 

“This will be a great learning experience for us. Not just in reviewing our material, but on how we can both teach the courses in person and online in the future. COVID might be the initiator, but really, this just makes sense to continue doing in the future.” An excited Executive Director (Volunteer) for Table Tennis North, Thorsten Gohl, who is also the Chair of the Coaching Certification Committee for Table Tennis Canada.

There are many more positive outcomes from this. We already started a full review on our entire Coach Development pathway, reshuffled some of the content to not just make it “blended learning” friendly, but also revise old content and make it appealing for future generations. Making sure that the transition from each stream make sense and that they support each other. This includes an online evaluation process for Table Tennis rules for our Community Coaching and Introduction to Competition stream. And we are very excited about this, working closely with our Officials Committee on this project as well. 

Marles Martins, Technical Development Manager for Table Tennis Canada will be the facilitator for the course on October 17-18, 2020, while the co-facilitation will be happening both in the Yukon with Kevin Murphy and in the Northwest Territories with Thorsten Gohl. We will have support from Master Coach Developers as well, that will join in remotely from British Columbia and Ontario. 

The course is spread over 2 days, including mostly technical aspects of the sport. There will be 3 follow up online workshops happening that each take 1.5-2 hours. Those are classroom activities and fit perfectly into our blended learning plan. All coaches will need to finish some multi sport components, submit 2 evaluation videos and do a club umpire exam to get certified as Introduction to Competition coaches. 

“This pilot project is really exciting because we will have the opportunity to test out our new blended learning initiative (online for theory, in class for practical sessions). We have been working hard to provide our coaches the access they need to their certification pathways despite the isolation caused by the Pandemic. This initiative will help us to accomplish that goal and keeping all safe at the same time.” Marles Martins

Table Tennis Canada is looking forward to this pilot project and we will provide more information and outcomes from this event in the near future. Stay tuned!!! 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Technical Development Manager Marles Martins.

Table Tennis events in the NWT

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We are sad to announce that all Table Tennis events in the Northwest Territories will be cancelled until further notice. That will include the Canadian Championship trials this upcoming weekend.


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Article by Sport for Life

It’s been six years since Thorsten Gohl introduced table tennis to the Northwest Territories, overcoming a number of geographical and societal challenges that have historically made it difficult to create and sustain sport organizations. In a short time he’s seen the number of participants sky-rocket as students throw themselves into the pastime once known as ping pong.

“It’s not easy to bring programs into these communities, as it takes a lot of financial resources just to get here. And we’re facing challenges that are different than Yukon or Nunavut. You have to fly in,” Gohl said, following a successful presentation at the Sport for Life Canadian Summit.

“Table tennis should be the sport of the North because you can do it wherever, it’s a fun activity, and you can play it old, young, big or small. You don’t need much equipment, basically just a ping pong ball, and then you can even make your own table.”

Gohl is based in Fort Providence, next to the Mackenzie River, a community of approximately 700 people. Since arriving in NWT following a lifetime of travel, he worked to get a Table Tennis team recognized by the Canada Games and became a member of Table Tennis of Canada, securing funding that made it possible to play with over 2,000 children in the North through community outreach.

“Right now I’m the only fully certified coach, and we have about 20 trained coaches for our clubs in Fort Smith, Hay River, Fort Providence, Fort Simpson. We’re working on a club in Yellownknife too.”

But it’s not enough to start a club. He also wants to see his table tennis athletes engaged in meaningful competition. There’s now a territory-wide competition every year, on top of the Arctic Winter Games being held every second year. The reason he believes it’s been able to take off while other sporting endeavours have fizzled out is because there aren’t as many hurdles to get involved.

“It’s a real work-out, depending on your level. If you play against me, or someone who is as good as I am, then you really need to move.”

And many of his athletes participate in other sports, such as hockey or basketball, so he’s pleased these up-and-comers will now have a multisport background.

“The idea with multisport is we’re making better people, people who are healthy and active and having fun. The idea is I’m not taking your athletes, I’m trying to support your athletes and make them better, more well-rounded people.”

Sport for Life CEO Richard Way believes the work Gohl is doing in NWT is an exemplary example of how to think outside the box when developing physical literacy in remote communities. Featuring his work at the 2020 Sport for Life Canadian Summit in Gatineau and the 2019 International Physical Literacy Conference in Umea, Sweden were opportunities to share that work with delegates from all around the world.

“Thorsten had the vision necessary to make this endeavour work, and now other sport organizations working in challenging locations can use his example as a blueprint for success. It’s not just about playing table tennis. This is about contributing to a community’s overall health, bringing people together and giving them something to accomplish,” he said.

“This program demonstrates what’s possible in NWT if you have a dream, now we can’t wait to see how things continue to develop as he reaches more communities and involves more players.”

World Table Tennis Day

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Join the longest and craziest table tennis rally by showing us how YOU are going to return the ball🏓

  • Film yourself from the end of the table
  • Upload your video to this One Drive folder 
  • Tell us your NAME, CITY and COUNTRY in the file name (e.g. GERMANY_Leipzig_ITTFFoundation)

Are you interested in Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories?