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2 times Arctic Winter Games Athletes to teach at Deh Gah School

2 times Arctic Winter Games Athletes to teach at Deh Gah School

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2016 Arctic Winter Games, and Grade 12 Graduation have been exciting events in Athlete Mikaela Vandell’s year. Also exciting that she is back at school, having just received her Certificate a few weeks ago. Why? To study more? To upgrade courses?  All wrong guesses! Mikaela, who also participated in the 2014 Arctic Winter Games, is back to inspire and teach the kids at Deh Gah School Table Tennis! She brings her years of experience from practice and competitions into the class to share her wisdom and enthusiasm for the sport.

“White Rabbit” she calls out and the kids now know it is the signal to hold up your racket. Or as she shows the right hand grip -” what is this called again?” “Yes, you got it, the shake hand grip. Good job everyone!”

The 17 year old Mikaela will be with classes from Grades 4 to 9 for the entire week. Can you see all the smiles that brings? Thanks for sharing your skills and fun and coming back to Deh Gah! Great to see you here!


Rob Johnson

September 21, 2016 at 8:08 pm

She is certainly one of the best examples of great leadership and sportsmanship that I have seen in all of the years of coaching kids that I have been involved with. She is a great example to these young kids.


    September 21, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    This is very true! Thank you very much for your nice words on this Rob!!!

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